Fish /Ocean/ Biology 250: Marine Biology
(FHL fall quarter 2015 and spring quarter 2016)


This is an introductory class for undergrads to Marine Biology combining lecture and lab format, which are complemented by elements such as scientific paper reading and presentation, outreach and video. In the lectures we consider the nature of the oceanic environment; the major groups of marine organisms (from plankton to whales) and their basic interrelationships; the physical and biological interactions of different marine ecosystems (from rocky shores to the deep sea); and human impacts on the marine environment. In labs and fieldtrips we investigated physico-chemical aspects of the marine environment, special feeding types, life in moving fluids, attachment to solid substrates as well as aspects of the marine organisms of rocky shores, mudflats and the water column around the San Juan Islands. Link:


Here an example of a fun video taken by students from the Marine Biology class:




Marine Biology students visit local elementray schools. The school kids are very excited to meet the students and learn about marine animals.